What Is An Alliance ?

An alliance is a group of people banded together in the game. An alliance is required to have at least 5 people and has several positions that help control taxes paid to the alliance, defense of the planets, overseer of the development of technology, and more.

The purpose of an alliance is to evade high taxes, to gain protection, to work together for effective raids, and for some, people to talk to when you got nothing better to do than sit at a computer all day.

Alliances are the major focus of the game in Alliance Wars. Alliance Wars is not about individual domination, but that of an alliance sticking to a set of values they determine, and to beat their way to the top of the universe. An alliance can have a strong player but if that one good player does not help the smaller planets when they get attacked, the alliance will suffer and they will not be able to dominate. An alliance has to try and be good all around, in defense, in taxation, in strength, in military strategy; the alliance that reaches closest to this goal will always be top cat.

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