Availibility: All races

Firing Order: Fifth

Targeting Order:

  1. Ripper
  2. Barge
  3. Fortress

Targeted By:

Cost: 1,500 Ore, 1,500 Uranium

Time to build: 6 hours

Heavy Laser Turret (HLT)

Medium Deflector Array (MDA)


Gameplay Overview:

Transports are needed for transporting troops. One Transport can hold 1000 troops. When your fleet enters orbit of another planet, the first thing that happens is that your Transports drop the troops on the planet. After this the ship combat occurs. Your troops are loaded back into transports when your fleet leaves the orbit of planet and heads home. If you don't have enough transports to carry all your troops, you will lose troops as MIA (Missing In Action) and they practically die. Because of that it is not advisable to load transports full of troops, ie. 1000 troops per Transport. Common rule is that you should have at least twice the minimum amount of transports. So if you have 20,000 troops, you should have at least 40 transports for them. Often it is good to have three times more transports than minimum or even more.

Combatwise, Transports aren't very effective. They shoot at their worst enemies, Rippers, but not with a very good rate. You need quite a few Transports to drop even one Ripper. Also, Rippers shoot before Transports which makes their ability to fight against them even lower.

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