Inhabits: Core Surroundings
Resource production: 110%
Spaceship engineering: Superior
Ship attack: Poor
Ship defense: Excellent
Troops: Excellent
Available ships Non-available


  • Eligibility for alliance admiral position (nominal post)
  • -1 to all defence travel times, +1 to all attack travel times

Gameplay overview:

The Trankoor are the exact opposite of the Ogarth, with unparalleled defensive skills.

If a more defensive style of game play is your taste, then choose the Trankoor as your race/path. No other race/path is as strong defensively with both ships and troops as the Trankoor. However, as a Trankoor you will easily find yourself disadvantaged for the likely less central location of your planet, which easily makes defending your alliance more difficult.


Trankoor bannerThousands of years ago, the Trankoor race was one with that of the Ogarth. A difference in politics eventually caused the Trankoor to diverge from the Ogarth causing the start of a civil war. The Ogarth demanded the new group, calling themselves "Trankoors" surrender and once again become part of the Ogarth empire. When the Trankoor refused, the Ogarth attacked. However, the Trankoor used the Ogarth ships against them, quite effectively. The Trankoors declared their independence from the terrible Ogarth war captains, and it wasn't long before invasions of their homeland became regular. After centuries of defending their planets, the Trankoors became masters of defense, the only group in the known universe that could challenge the abilities of the Ogarth. Once the Ogarths had been beaten back, the Trankoor faced a new challenge.

As masters of their own empire, none of them had the power to control all the planets, and unite all the Trankoor under one banner. Centuries more of warfare took place, with each faction of the Trankoor vying for political and military control. When it became clear that no single faction could retain any form of control over all the colonies, it was decided at a council that all should go their separate ways. Each faction was given control of a few colonies, left their own ships and population, and allowed to colonize any new worlds they found hospitable. All agreed on a temporary cease-fire, lasting one thousand years, so they could all rebuild their colonies and become strong enough to defend themselves. During this time, it was agreed that they would work together for defense as needed, to prevent the annihilation of their species.

One thousand years passed, and representatives from each of the colonies once again met. There had been very little fighting with outsiders during this time, and they had each grown to very respectable sizes. They agreed that it was time for them to go their separate ways, once and for all. As each left the council chambers, there was nothing left but silence. The possibility for the most powerful empire in the universe was lost, as each envoy slowly filed out.

As hundreds of years passed, many of the Trankoor race evolved in the same way. Instead of concentrating on attacking outsiders, they concentrated on effective defense techniques for their own protection, as well as that of others. They were by far the best defenders in the universe after their extended fighting with the Ogarths and the outside world. Not only did they excel in defending themselves, but the mere thought of organizing an all out war makes most Trankoor almost literally sick to their stomachs.

As the colonies continued to expand and explore, they rapidly met other individuals. Their long period of war and reconstruction had left the Trankoors crippled in knowledge beyond their own planets. While they had focused on impressive defensive techniques, their technology, trading, and exploration had lacked. In the following years the Trankoor explored and experienced a technological and economic revolution that was unparalleled anywhere else in the universe. As the Trankoor colonies continued to expand and explore, they soon encountered something they had never heard of. Other groupings of races were joining together to form alliances - groups with common goals.

The Trankoors quickly became interested, as they saw this as a possible way to use their great defensive talents against others. They quickly became highly sought after, as the best way to repel an Ogarth attack. In addition to their incredible defensive abilities, the Trankoor (spending a lot of time at home) had increased their ability to produce resources over that of the ever aggressive Ogarth. This gave them a slight advantage as it allowed them to mine more resources, and therefore build more ships. As Trankoors quickly became snapped up by the various alliances throughout the universe, they once again came into contact with the Ogarths, after thousands of years without speaking. The first meetings were often tense, but there was, if nothing else, a mutual respect at first. Before long, many Ogarth and Trankoors were clasping hands and treating each other as brothers. Both respected that they were separate, that the events of thousands of years past were nothing more than ancient history, and that both races had evolved down different paths anyway.

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