Inhabits: Outer Rim
Resource production: 120%
Spaceship engineering: Weak
Ship attack: Poor
Ship defense: Average
Troops: Poor


  • Advanced Scans
  • Increased tech point production
  • Automatically charts the home planet of incoming fleets
  • Eligibility for alliance tech minister position (nominal post)

Gameplay overview:

With poor troop effectiveness and only average ship effectiveness, the real advantage of the Slithin come with the advanced technology they are able to build. Only the Slithin can build such advanced structures as the Alliance Scan, Deep Troop Scan and Deep Fleet Scan. The importance of these scans cannot be exaggarated. Every successful alliance needs several Slithins among their ranks. With Alliance Scan you can make sure that you don't attack someone who bites back hard, or spot enemies. Effective use of Deep Troop/Fleet Scan gives you possibility to observe the moves of your enemy, find out what exactly is the incoming hostile fleet made of, and find targets whose fleets are absent and strike their defenceless planets.

Even though Slithins already are vital for any alliance, their importance will grow in the future. Technologies like Increased Alliance Ore/Uranium Production, Reduced Alliance Ship Travel Time etc will directly benefit the entire alliance. And the more Slithins you have, the more effective these technologies will be.

If a Slithin is scouted by another planet, the other planets data will be revealed to the Slithin and ultimately shared with any one in his/her alliance if they have obtained the CIC.

It is advisable to not pick the Slithin race untill you are settled in an alliance or you are an experienced player.


Slithin bannerMillions of years ago, an event of unparalleled importance took place in the universe. A lone Slithin, walking through the beautiful wilderness looked up and saw something streaking across the sky. It appeared to be nothing more than a passing meteor. He soon realized his mistake, and ran for his life as the object hurtled towards him at a truly impressive speed.

Getting up off the ground and dusting himself off, the man slowly approached the large object which had crashed only a few feet from where he had been standing. As he approached, he realized that what he was looking at was no rock, but some sort of large object apparently created by beings with intelligence. As he tried to determine what had landed so near to him, other villagers started to approach. Soon there was a large swarm, all trying to figure out what they had stumbled upon. As one approached, a door opened in the side of the thing, and a being, looking somewhat like them, stumbled out, before making a strange whirring noise and collapsing on the ground. This technology was far beyond anything the Slithin race had ever encountered.

Hundreds of years later, the Slithin took one last look at the piece of debris sitting in the military museum. He had long known that this ancient "space ship" was controlled by something much larger and smarter than he. As he glanced at his controls, he realized he was the luckiest Slithin alive. If his mission succeeded, he could be the first to ever attain space flight, the first to meet this brave new species. He buckled himself in for the first space launch the Slithin race would ever make - hundreds of years before any of the other "young" races. As his craft blasted into space, and he cleared orbit, the Slithins officially became the most technologically advanced of the "young races", and they never looked back.

Now, thousands upon thousands of years later, the Slithin maintain their technological superiority over all other races. While they were never much for hand to hand combat, they instead spent their time researching, and learning new things in the universe around them from the crashed space craft. They studied the ancient being which had come from the craft, and later discovered that it came from a large race calling themselves the "Artifs". They were a type of robot that had long since lost the knowledge of their origins. It was widely believed, especially among the Slithins from what they knew, that an ancient alien race had long ago inhabited the universe, and that they had created the Artifs.

As the Slithin race achieved space travel, they soon started to colonize hundreds of planets all over their solar system. As they continued to expand, they soon forgot about their home world, and about their other colonies, each one branching off to become their own empire. The explorers were far more interested in meeting and working with the other races of the universe than consolidating their own empire. As each new colony was founded, their contact grew less and less, until they no longer identified themselves as a race, but as members of an alliance.

As their race continued to develop, they kept with their tradition of incredible technological advancements. Using the information they gained from the ancient wreckage, they developed incredible abilities to scan the universe, becoming the only race to be able to determine what alliance given ships were working for, where fleets were traveling from and to planets, and being excellent resource producers. This made them highly valuable to any and all alliances, and, coupled with their alright ship capabilities made them sought after by many. Although they are the first to admit they need to concentrate on training their troops, it is widely rumored that many of the Slithin scientists are far too busy working on some new form of weapon or technology that they will one day bring to bare upon the universe, claiming control for themselves.

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