Availibility: All races

Firing Order: First

Targeting Order:

  1. Fortress
  2. Continental
  3. Scout
  4. Ripper

Targeted By:

Cost: 1,000 Ore, 500 Uranium

Time to build: 4 hours

2 Light Laser Turrets (LLT)

Light Deflector Array (LDA)


Fastest of the ships in the fleet, Scouts pay the price for this speed by lacking heavy armor and weapons of great fury. Scouts are usually best in mass numbers and are cheapest of all ships to afford. An advantage of the Scout is the fact that it's the first of the ships to attack, and when in great numbers, they can devastate larger ships.

Gameplay Overview:

Scouts are one of the most important ship classes in the game. When your attacking fleet is escorted by a healthy number of scouts, you have less fear of losing your precious Transports to Rippers' fire, which also saves your troops from being left behind on the enemy planet. On the other hand, if you are defending, a good number of scouts can deal a tremendous amount of damage to the enemy fleet because defending Scouts are the very first ships to fire. As Scouts fire at the key ships of the attacking fleet, you can fairly easily cripple the enemy fleet completely while keeping your own losses very low. However, Scouts CANNOT make up an effective fleet on their own. Without a decent number of Rippers, you are practically defenceless because the attacker could only send his/her Barges and Transports, take your mines, and fly away without taking a single loss in ships.
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