Below are the Alliance Wars Rules & Regulations. On joining Alliance Wars, you must agree to all of the below. Failure to do so can lead to punishment ranging from brief suspensions to the Development Team informing various governmental authorities as appliciable (in a case of hacking, for example). Please do yourself a favour and look at the "Commandments of Alliance Wars" as dubbed by Mystify.



1. This game is under development. That means you are not a player, you are a tester. You will be treated as such and are expected to act as such.

2. Having multiple accounts is cheating.

3. Using scripts, bots, and other automation tasks to play Alliance Wars is cheating.

4. Babysitting or "looking after" someone else’s account is cheating.

5. Offensive, rude, derogatory, or inappropriate language of any kind (be it in messages, names, etc.) is not tolerated and accounts are subject to be changed or deleted without warning.

6. reserves the right to change game play, or your account information at any time for any reason we want.

7. Planet and ruler names must be in the spirit of the game.

8. Taking advantage of a bug (aka: exploiting it) to further your account is cheating.

9. If you find a bug, or learn of someone else exploiting a bug, you MUST report it.

10. Cheating is bad. Do not do it.

11. Use of harsh language, racism (non-fictional), and derogatory language meant to be hurtful will not be tolerated.

12. is not required to restore data or account settings lost for any reason.


1. may amend or change this agreement at any time. Changes will be posted on the main Alliance Wars Forum.

2. All information submitted to from the "Sign-Up" page is considered private and confidential for non-cheaters only, and will not be sold or distributed to other companies.

3. If you are caught cheating (as defined in the "Rules" section), all or parts of "Sign-Up" information may be displayed as we see fit on Alliance Wars resources.

4. All account holders will receive a unique password. This password is not to be given out to any third party. will never ask you for your account information.

5. You may not copy, distribute, modify or create derivative works, adapt, translate, display, or transfer any content of the game. You may not copy any of the written materials accompanying the game.

6. may delete or freeze your account at any time, without warning, for any reason we choose.

7. reserves the right to read and act on any content that passes through resources, including in game messages, forums, message boards, etc.

8. If you have any questions, please visit our Forums. There are many guides and FAQ's that will help you.

9. If a rule or regulation is not specifically listed on this page, do not assume it doesn't apply. You are here by privilege, not right. Therefore you must behave within the level of conduct set forth by the Dev Team and the rest of the community.

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