Inhabits: Inner Rim
Resource production: 100%
Spaceship engineering: Mediocre
Ship attack: Average
Ship defense: Average
Troops: Excellent


  • Can create and lead alliances

Gameplay overview:

Rogorate is the only race/path that can create alliances. This unique ability makes them the single most important race in the game. As creator of the alliance, the Rogorate will also work as its Leader which means that he is able to accept new members, kick old members out of the alliance, as well as appoint the other leaders (Admiral, Treasurer, Ambassador) in the alliance. Rogorate's combat stats are good with average ships and excellent troops but their weakness is definately the resource production. If you aren't going to create an alliance you should probably take a look at Baleenar or Ogarth instead as their stats and placement in the universe are quite close to Rogorate except for the better resource production (Baleenars) or better troops (Ogarths).


Rogorate bannerMillions of years ago, a new race formed, and came into being. Unlike many other life-forms, this race was not Carbon-based, and it's creation was something of an anomaly. No one has ever figured out exactly how they came to be, and many have cited the suggestion of a higher power. The race called themselves Rogorate, and they quickly flourished on their planet. Something about their nature made them naturally adept at politics, and they quickly developed a keen interest in the idea. No Rogorate remained silent during a debate, or failed to cast a ballot at a vote. This empire flourished except for one flaw with their society. Each member of society was very political, very vocal, and a very good leader. It became difficult to differentiate who should be in charge, and as time passed things deteriorated.

During this time of indecision and conflict, something strange started to happen to some of the Rogorate race. It appeared that at birth, there would always be two babies born, but one was hardly there, and no one was certain whether they were seeing things or it was actually happening. For every Rogorate born, an identical, shadowy being would appear, and quickly dissipate into the air. As the Rogorate race scrambled to determine what was happening, they soon noticed new colonies of their race appearing all over the place.

As more tests were done, and the race looked deeper into the problem, they soon discovered something about their physiology and genetic makeup was causing yet another strange phenomenon. With the birth of every Rogorate was the birth of an identical yet evil being, capable of moving quietly, hiding in broad daylight, changing shape, and apparently dissipating into nothing more than shadow on a whim. Thus the Lilnosa race came into being. The Rogorates were terrified. They now faced an enemy which was exactly their equal - just as smart, possessing the same skills, and very cunning. But to this mix the Lilnosa also had evil, manipulation, and various abilities to allow themselves to integrate into society flawlessly.

While the Rogorate government met and discussed what should be done, something of great importance was happening right under their noses. While they met, the Lilnosa changed shape and appearance to look like regular Rogorates, broke into the shipyard, climbed aboard a few transport vessels, and left the planet, never to return.

Once the Lilnosa were gone, the Rogorate race no longer suffered the horrible twins at birth, and society seemed to return to normal. Most just assumed the threat was gone, and the Lilnosa were gone for good, never to bother any of the races. Little did they know that the Lilnosa would soon appear everywhere, spying for various alliances for their own personal gain.

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