Availibility: All races

Firing Order: Third

Targeting Order:

  1. Transport
  2. Scout
  3. Cordova

Targeted By:

Cost: 2,000 Ore, 3,000 Uranium

Time to build: 8 hours

2 Gravitational Tachyon Emitters (GTE)

Heavy Deflector Array (HDA)


Gameplay Overview:

A pack of Rippers is one of the most effective killing machines in the universe. They mercilessly tear Transports apart with outstanding speed. Given this, they are very good ships - especially in defense. This makes them a good deterrent. By destroying enemy Transports the defender can kill huge amounts of enemy troops, without fighting the troop battle at all, as they are left behind for lack of Transports, effectively making the stolen mines terrifyingly expensive. Thus many Rippers make a planet a far less appealing target - as long as there still are easier targets.

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