Revolutions are exclusive to alliances whose government form is Communism, Dictatorship or Monarchy. In such alliances all alliance members, except the leader, have an option to launch a revolution from their My Alliance-page. Once a revolution has been started, all members are able to give their support to it. Supporters of the revolution will also be able to cancel their support. The starter of the revolution will also be the leader of the movement and as such is able to cancel the revolution anytime he wants to in his My Alliance-page. Throughout the entire revolution its supporters are able to see a "revolution support" bar that indicates how widely their attempt is being supported in the alliance. This same bar will be available for the alliance leader along with a list of members supporting the revolution and identity of its leader. Below is a list of different stages of revolution.

Requirement Effects
Start of revolution - One member clicking Start Revolution - The Revolution-part of the alliance status bar turns blue
- Alliance leader gets View Revolution-link in My Alliance
- The alliance leader gets informed of the revolution via in-game message
- A Quash Revolution button on the revolution page becomes available to the leader. This allows alliance leader to kick the leader of the revolution out of the alliance effectively putting an end to the revolution
Chaos - 35% of the members supporting the revolution - The Chaos-part of the alliance status bar turns red
- All ministers are removed from their positions
- All NAPs are broken
- Alliance fund is lost (set to zero)
- No access to CIC for any alliance member
- No taxes for alliance members (set to zero)
- Can't donate to the alliance
- Leader cannot assign alliance positions, kick members, or let members leave (Quash Revolution also becomes unavailable)
Success - 75% of the members supporting the revolution - Alliance turns into Democracy
Failure - Leader of the revolution brings an end to it
- 75% support is not reached within 96 solar hours (4 days)
- Everything goes back to normal without new period of chaos
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