Inhabits: Inner Rim
Resource production: 100%
Spaceship engineering: Superior
Ship attack: Excellent
Ship defense: Poor
Troops: Excellent
Available ships Non-available


  • Eligibility for alliance admiral position (nominal post)
  • -1 to all attack travel times, +1 to all defence travel times

Gameplay overview:

Excellent ship attack effectiveness and troops make Ogarths the ultimate war race. In addition to these remarkable stats, Ogarths also equal Trankoors in spaceship engineering, enabling them to build advanced ships such as Dominators. Their weakness is their poor resource production capability that might cut down their growth considerably. Their relatively good location in the universe enable them to be effective attackers when it comes to travel times, too. Ogarths are very important for any alliance especially during times of war.


Ogarth bannerThe Ogarth are the most ruthless, aggressive creatures in the universe. No race even comes close to the unbridled violence and destruction they unleash on their enemies. Wild rumors about them abound, such as tales of Ogarth warriors eating the flesh of their victims (often while they are still alive) and using an enemy's skin as clothing. These rumors and legendary battle reports instill fear into all who are unfortunate enough to encounter them.

They are a warrior society where only the strong survive and the weak are eliminated. Devoting all of their time and resources into building bigger and better weapons, they have the best trained attack troops and the most powerful attack ships. However, their defensive abilities and resource production have suffered as a result.

The only match for an Ogarth attack is a Trankoor defense.

If an alliance is to grow big and become the best, a large number of Ogarth are essential.

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