Newbie FAQ

Number of questions addressed: 19.
Time spent (mostly by Renegade Master) writing, compiling, editing, and updating this: Who knows?
Getting the info you need to make it on the Top 50 rankings: Priceless.
There are some things resources and tech points can't buy.
For everything else, there is this Newbie FAQ.

This was originally posted on the AllianceWars Forums. It has been moved and modified to be a part of the manual. It is suggested that you read the rest of the Manual before proceeding with reading this FAQ, or posting on the forums.

Remember: This game is in Beta! That means sometimes things such as what's required to steal resources or mines can unexpectedly change due to bugs or code changes.

Any further questions can be posted on the forums under the Newbie Help forum.

Before You Actually Start Playing

Q: Ahh...the Target Order table scares me! How do I read it?

Q: This sucks, do I really have to use X tech points to build Y building/technology/ships/troops?

Q: When I click on sign-up, it says they are closed. When will they re-open?

Q: How does a speed game work?

Let Me In!

Q: I have been playing for a while, but haven't logged in for 2 weeks. Why can't I login?

Q: I just logged in recently! It hasn't been a week, and I'm getting an "Unknown User" message. What's wrong?

Q: Ok, it's neither of those. Are you going to let me play this game?

Cruising the Universe

Q: If my 4 fleets aren't in the process of or on their way to attacking or defending a planet, are they defending my planet?

Q: What does ETA mean, and what does it do?

Q: What happens to someone if all their troops, ships, mines and resources have been either destroyed or stolen? Does their account close? Do they start over with nothing?

Production and Deconstruction

Q: How much resources do X mines produce per tick?

Q: What happens when I recycle/decommission troops or ships?

Q: If I recycle mines, how much resources will I get back?

Q: How does Ore or Uranium resource trading work?

Q: I just finished building troops/ships/mines, why hasn't my score gone up?

Fill in the blank: ______ Wars

Q: Am I able to attack other people in my in-game alliance?

Q: How does a NAP work, and what is it?

Q: How do I form a NAP?

Q: What's the use of alliance tech points?

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