Inhabits: Entire Galaxy
Resource production: 120%
Spaceship engineering: Mediocre
Ship attack: Average
Ship defense: Average
Troops: Poor


  • Eligibility for alliance ambassador position (manage non-aggression pacts)
  • Able to "persuade" enemies to retreat

Gameplay overview:

The ship production and effectiveness is not great, and the troop statistics are even worse for the Mossopp. To make up for this lack of fire power, Mossopp fleets have the ability to "persuade" commanders of enemy fleets to retreat and return to their home planets. The higher ETA the enemy fleet has, the better are the chances to turn it around. The size of the Mossopp fleet has no effect upon the probability of turning enemy fleet around. Thus even one Mossopp ship defending a planet could save the day. No other race has this ability to win without even fighting.


Mossopp bannerOften described as extremely boring and weak by other races, the Mossopp prefer words rather than muscle. A severe distaste for violence has led the Mossopp to find other ways of fighting or preventing battles. Diplomacy is their number one weapon against those who would choose to fight them. It is said that a Mossopp could talk his way out of his own funeral.

If diplomacy fails to persuade the enemy, then the Mossopps psychic abilities allow them to attempt mind control. Although not always successful, there are times when it works.

Despite their dislike for violent resolutions, if provoked enough the Mossopp will fight back, but only after every diplomatic avenue has been explored first.

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