There are two types of mines in Alliance Wars: Ore and Uranium

Ore and Uranium are required to build and construct all things in Alliance Wars. You start off with

In order to be able to build mines, you must first construct either an "Ore Mine Production" facility, or a "Uranium Mine Production" facility. Once completed, the "Ore Mine Production" facility allows the building of Ore mines, while the "Uranium Mine Production" facility allows building of Uranium mines.

All races have this basic ability to build mines. Depending on the race you have chosen, additional Ore and Uranium production facilites will be available for you to construct (which increase your mine output).

Once you have done the first two tech upgrades originally under mining, you will have to first go to Race Development and click the responding technology that opens up the next line of mining upgrades.


All Races: Ore & Uranium Mine Production (100%)
Artifs & Trankoor: Increased Ore & Uranium Production (110%)
Slithin & Mossopp: Advanced Ore & Uranium Production (120%)
Baleenar: Uber Ore & Uranium Production (130%)

You may only construct a facility if you have enough Tech Points, so you must wait for a few hours before constructing another. Also, you must construct the lower levels before the more advanced ones.


A Baleenar must construct: "Ore Mine Production", then "Ore Refinement", then "Increased Ore Production", then "Automated Ore Mining", then "Advanced Ore Production", then "Core Ore Mining" before finally being able to start construction on the "Uber Ore Production".

Once the Baleenar has finished constructing the "Uber Ore Production", he will have a 30% greater mine output than those with just "Ore Mine Production".

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