Managing Fleets

This is where you manage your fleets; send them to attack or defend.


In this table you see deployment of your fleets. You have four mobile fleets and one immobile (Home) fleet in your possession.

The upper rows being quite self-explanatory, the bottom row indicates the status of your fleet. This can be either: Home, Defending, Attacking or Returning Home.

NOTE: Fleets with Defending or Attacking status are unable to take any other orders than Retreat. Fleets with status Returning Home are unable to take any orders.


This table shows how many resources and mines are loaded in your Barges in each fleet. If a fleet loaded with resources has returned to your home planet it will take one tick to unload the mines and resources from its Barges. If you move the fleet before its cargo is unloaded, the cargo will stay inside the Barges until they get a new chance to unload it.


There are two options in using this feature. The traditional way is:
1) Type the number of ships you want to be moved in the text field
2) Select ship class
3) Select "from" and "to" fleets
4) Click Move

or the faster way:
1) Click on the ships you want to move in the top table
2) Click on a fleet you want them to be moved to
3) Change the number of ships you want to move, if necessary
4) Click Move


This is where you give the actual orders to move your fleets out of your planet's orbit. First, pick the fleet you want to send on a mission. This fleet can be any of the fleets 1-4, as long as the desired fleet has been designated with 'Home' status.

Next you should pick the type of mission by selecting operation. The two basic operations are Defend and Fast Attack. When launching either one of these operations, the target planet will immediately see your fleet incoming in their Control Center as either hostile or friendly force, depending on the type of your operation.

The third operation type, Stealth Attack, is a slightly more complicated maneuver. The battle itself will be fought in the same manner as in Fast Attack but the travel time is doubled. This doubled travel time is compensated by the possibility of getting close to enemy planet without being detected by passive scans before it is too late. If attacking fleet is not detected by passive scans, it is not visible in the Control Center of target planet nor in Combat Information Center of his alliance. Fleet that is in Stealth Attack mode is always invisible to passive scans as long as its ETA is higher than 8 hours. From then on the probability of your ships being detected by passive scans increases gradually as described in the table below:

ETAProbability of being detected

Once your fleet is detected, it will remain visible for the defender. Note that these are average probabilities that include no modifiers such as your race. Also, nothing hides your fleets from Slithin deep scans. Thus, your Stealth Attack can be seen in such scans even if it hasn't been detected by passive scans of the defending alliance. Also bear in mind that you get no notification if your stealth attack fleet is detected by the enemy.

To call your fleet back home: select desired fleet in 'Retreat' box and hit the 'Retreat' button. This is the only order you can give to fleets that are either en route or staying on other planets. The fleet will turn around immediately and this action cannot be undone.

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