Inhabits: Entire Galaxy
Resource production: 100%
Spaceship engineering: Weak
Ship attack: Excellent
Ship defense: Poor
Troops: Average


  • Sabotage navigation computers
  • Automatically charts the home planet of incoming fleets
  • Eligibility for alliance intel officer position (nominal post)
  • Spy capabilities: can join two alliances (not enabled yet)
  • Appear as another race (not enabled yet)

Gameplay overview:

Given that major part of Lilnosa's abilities are yet to be coded, they might not be a very good pick for a race despite their good attack effectiveness. Their only working special ability enables them to try to hack navigation computers of attacking fleets and thus make them change their course. In practice the attacking fleet either starts to attack another planet or turns around.

If a Lilnosa is scouted by another planet, the other planets data will be revealed to the Lilnosa and ultimately shared with any one in his/her alliance if they have obtained the CIC.


Lilnosa bannerThose races with a high moral code such as the Trankoor and the Mossopp, describe the Lilnosa as a deceitful race. Deception, trickery and cheating are considered virtues in their society. The larger and more elaborate the scam, the higher the position in society. Long ago after hundreds of years of total honesty and fairplay, the Lilnosa grew bored and decided to liven their existence up by practicing deceit instead.

Due to choosing this path other races refuse to do business with them. As a result, the economy of the Lilnosa is very poor. This has lead to poor ship and resource production on Lilnosa planets.

Despite the poor performance of Lilnosa planets they can be a valuable asset to an alliance, as they make the best spies. Able to infiltrate one enemy alliance undetected, and appear as any other race they choose, they can relay valuable strategic information.

There are only two ways to discover the identity of a Lilnosa spy. Either by the spy revealing their true identity, or by a mass spy kick performed by the leader of an alliance (can only be performed once per round).

Alliances recruiting Lilnosa beware, for they may be acting as double agents!

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