Gameplay Concepts

General Terminology

Alliance sizeMaximum size (number of members) of an alliance is dependant on the total number of players in the game. It is 7.5% of the total number of players.
Bashing levelEvery alliance leader sets this when creating an alliance. It can be changed once per round by the alliance leader only. It determines how small players a member of the alliance can attack and how big players can attack a member of the alliance. In practice this means that when you attempt to attack a planet, the game checks the bashing limit of the defending planet's alliance and, if that allows you to attack, then checks your own bashing limit. If neither one of these forbid you from attacking the planet, the attack is launched. Bashing levels vary from 10% to 25%. If you have 25% bashing level, for example, and you have 1,000,000 score, you can attack planets that have 250,000 score. On the other hand, players with more score than 4,000,000 aren't able to attack you.
ETAStands for Estimated Time of Arrival. Indicates how long it will take for your fleet to reach its destination.
Game TimeAlliance Wars game time is CST or GMT -6.
Mine capture rateOften referred to as mine cap. This determines how many mines you are able to capture in attack during one tick. Currently it is set to 20%.
Missing in ActionOften referred to as MIA. Your troops become MIA if you don't have enough Transports (1 transport for 1000 troops) to carry all your troops away from another planet after battle. These troops are practically dead. You cannot get them back.
Orbital CombatThis occurs when hostile fleets arrive at a planet. First, all troops of defending and attacking fleets are dropped on the planet surface. Second, the Defending fleets start the firing according to Firing Order described in Orbital Combat help page
Self-Destruct (SD)Destroys your planet and up to 75% of the fleets present in its orbit. It takes four ticks to activate the Planet Core Explosives of your planet. During this time you are unable to control your planet unless you decide to cancel self-destruction.
Solar Hour Count (SHC)Indicates how many ticks have been processed since the round start, aka. last reset.
TicksA tick is a calculating moment for the game. Every entire hour the game will have a resource tick, every half past there will be a battle tick. Until a resource tick has passed you won't lose resources if you cancel any builds. The only exception are technology upgrades. They can't be undone at all.
Resource/battle tickThe resource tick will process any game changes EXCEPT combat. Income, fleet movement, self destruct all happen at resource tick. The battle tick processes all combat.

Score Formation

In Alliance Wars the winner is determined by the score. How this score is formed is described below:

Score gained from... (all races but artif)
...resources= 0.05 * Amount of resources altogether on your planet points= 1 * Number of tech points (only used tech is counted)
...mines= 300 * Number of mines
...troops= 3 * Number of troops
...ships= 0.1 * Amount of resources spent on ships

Score gained from...(for artif only)
...resources= 0.0375 * Amount of resources altogether on your planet points= 0,75 * Number of tech points (only used tech is counted)
...mines= 225 * Number of mines
...troops= 2.25 * Number of troops
...ships= 0.075 * Amount of resources spent on ships

Note that you do not get any score from any facilities or technologies you build and research. (except ofcourse the unused tech will then be used tech!)

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