Availibility: Excellent

Firing Order: Seventh

Targeting Order:

  1. Scout
  2. Transport
  3. Fortress

Targeted By:

Cost: 50,000 Ore, 50,000 Uranium

Time to build: 24 hours

80 Light Laser Turrets (LLT)
40 Heavy Laser Turrets (HLT)

Enhanced Titanium Plated Shielding (ETP)


Dominators are the culmination of space ship development. These enormous vessels destroy anything in their way if not stopped - and that is not something that happens often. Building these huge, almost two mile long ships requires highly developed production methods and materials. Only the military oriented Ogarths and Trankoors have developed their space ship construction to this level. One might get a false impression of weakness about these colossal creations with their slow manouvers, but when these ships finally lock onto their targets and start to sing their song of death with over a hundred cannons, the truth is quickly revealed to the unbeliever. No other power in the universe can match the firepower of Dominators. These enormous and feared warmachines roam the battlefields like gods of war, leaving only destruction behind them.

Gameplay Overview:

The power of Dominators is not only in their huge firepower. At least as important a factor is the difficulty in destroying one. Only Cordovas, Continentals and Fortresses target Dominators. Fortresses being quite fragile in hands of Scouts and thus almost non-existant in galaxy, the only considerable enemies of Dominators are Cordovas and Continentals. Continentals being more of a threat than Cordovas mostly because Cordovas have Dominators so low in their targeting order. Unless, of course, one has a lot of Cordovas. Given that Continentals are also very vulnerable to Scout fire, the threats to Dominators are quite few. It's especially hard to kill defending Dominators because of the Continentals' vulnerability to Scout fire. With enough Scouts you can easily protect your Dominators until they get to fire.

Why make so much effort to build and protect these expensive ships then? When your Dominators open fire, they make a really awful mess. So awful that most players are surprised by their power. Scouts and Transports drop like flies. So despite the fact that they are the last ship to fire, they are expensive and they take a long to build, Dominators are definately worth the effort if used correctly.

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