Creating An Alliance

A lot of new players to Alliance Wars automatically wish to be the leader, be the one setting the rules for an alliance. Though it is highly suggested for those who haven't played much or are not active on IRC to not run an alliance, here is the information for those of you out there wishing to build your regime.

1. Pick The Appropriate Race.

-This is key, you have to pick the strategist race, Rogorate, when you sign up for an account. This race is the only one capable of being the alliance leader in the game. Yes, technically, you could have another person be the in-game leader and use him as a figure head, but figure heads do every few centuries think for themselves and so it is best for the leader to be the leader.

2. Researching The Technology.

-Before you can create an alliance you will need to research Officer Training under the Race Developtment section on the navigation bar. This research requires 5,000 ore, 5,000 uranium, and 600 Tech Points. Since this is all the resources you start the game with, you may wish to build the mining techs first, but that is up to you and should be a decision decided upon based on how urgent the creation of the alliance is.

3. Starting The Alliance.

-Once you have researched the necessary technology as listed above, you will want to go to the My Alliance screen, listed second from the top on the navigation bar. Once there, select Create An Alliance and you're almost done already. You will be asked to choose an alliance name, an alliance government style (see more information here), a bashing rate (see more information here), and four(4) members. When you create an alliance, you have the option of inputting the coordinates of four(4) players who will be in your alliance. If you do not specifically input the coordinates, there is no problem, and people will have the option of supporting your alliance. Once someone has supported the alliance, you will have to accept their support by going to the View Applicants screen in the My Alliance section, and accepting their support. If you input the coordinates of four(4) players, they will be asked to agree to support your alliance, and, if they do, you do not have to do anything else for the alliance to leave the "pending" stage and become a full fledged alliance.

4. Communication Within The Alliance.

-When you become a full fledged alliance or even a pending alliance, you will need to create a system of communication so that your alliance can help members in need of defense or resources, or to plan attacks. One suggested medium is IRC. mIRC is an internet relay chat program that is commonly used by Alliance Wars players to talk to other players about anything from alliance affairs to what they had for lunch. The general Alliance Wars channel is on the server on channel #aw. Here is a link to download mIRC for Windows and Macintosh. Once you have a few players on IRC, you can start a channel for your alliance. Another medium is by creating a forum for your alliance only to communicate about issues and so forth. Two websites that offer these capabilities are AvidGamers and PhpBB. Once your alliance is formed, you can also use the in-game alliance forums under My Alliance and then Message Boards. No matter what medium you choose, remember to pick one, for without effective communication you are not an alliance and will not win first place or even close.

5. Recruit More Members.

-The work of a good alliance leader is never done. Promote your alliance in various ways from on the Alliance Wars Forums to other ways you find. If you do well, more members will join and you will inch closer to being the top alliance around. So good luck!

6. Alliance Politics.

-Alliance politics are one of the key components of the game. Many alliances that had great potential have failed to reach it because they didn't make friends, or made friends with the wrong people. The best way to work alliance politics is to be online on IRC and talk to the other people there. Many alliances that have not used IRC have had difficulty making friends and allies because it's difficult to be in contact with them.

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