Availibility: Poor/Average

Firing Order: Second

Targeting Order:

  1. Barge
  2. Ripper
  3. Dominator
  4. Continental

Targeted By:

Cost: 10,000 Ore, 10,000 Uranium

Time to build: 12 hours

4 Heavy Laser Turrets (HLT)
2 Ion Cannons (IC)

Power Field (PF)


Gameplay Overview:

Being moderately cheap and available to all races, Cordovas are quite common ships. They have fairly good firepower although having their targeting order as a slight weakness. Destroying enemy Barges can be useful but most people would prefer Ripper or Dominator in their place as primary target. However, considering that Cordovas kill Barges at a very good rate, they are still good Ripper killers. Not least because they fire before Rippers. In large enough quantity and when supported by enough Scouts to help destroy enemy Rippers, Cordovas also form a threat to Dominators. In Slithins' case Cordovas are their only way to fight against Dominators. A great strength of the Cordova is its low Firing Order and the fact that they are always late in the Targeting Orders of other ships. This makes them very durable ships.
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