Availibility: Average

Firing Order: Fourth

Targeting Order:

  1. Dominator
  2. Cordova
  3. Transport

Targeted By:

Cost: 15,000 Ore, 15,000 Uranium

Time to build: 12 hours

4 Torpedo Bays (TB)
8 Ion Cannons (IC)

Enchanced Power Field (EPF)


Gameplay Overview:

Continentals are ships that possess a great deal of firepower while suffering from certain fragility. They are practically primary targets of Scouts which means that usually a great deal of Continentals are destroyed in the very beginning of the battle. This means that Continentals are exceedingly expensive cannon fodder - especially in attack when defender's Scouts are free to shoot your Continentals down before you have any possibility to stop them. In defence the situation is not that bad because you can reduce the loss of your Continentals by having enough Scouts yourself.

Continentals are by far the most effective Dominator-killers if they manage to fire before being destroyed. Given their powerful weaponry they naturally drop a lot of other ships too. But the most common purpose of building Continentals is fighting against Dominators. Since Scouts have a tendency to drop a lot of Continentals, it usually isn't good to take Continentals on an attack if you don't really need them against Dominators. In defence too, you ought to consider carefully whether you send your Continentals away from the battle or keep them home if there are no Dominators heading your way.

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