Building Fleet

This game can't be played succesfully without fleet. So at some point in the game you will have to build some ships. This might be confusing, since there are eight different types of ships, all with different properties. You also need to consider carefully what you want to build, because your researchers will need to develop factories before you can build fleet. And obviously, you can't ask a researcher to undo his research! To research factories, go to the factories menu. Once there, you will see the list of factories available to research. The only one available on the list at first should be a Scout Factory.

You need to upgrade your factories in a certain order. Scouts are available at first, after that you can get a ripper factory, you can construct transport facilities after that, and finally you can build barges. This is the basic fleet, and these ships are available to every race. The one ship you absolutely need is the transport. Without transports, your troops are trapped on your planet, and can be killed by any player who has enough troops to do so. A second very important ship is the barge. Without barges you can't attack. Well actually it is possible to attack, but you won't gain anything, only suffer losses. The two other ships are best used to minimize your losses, as an escort, or to scare away attackers. To learn more about ship types, study the orbital combat or ship classes areas of this manual.

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