Availibility: All races

Firing Order: Does not fire

Targeting Order: N/A

Targeted By:

Cost: 2,000 Ore, 1,000 Uranium

Time to build: 8 hours

Weapons: None

Ionized Refractor Field (IRF)

Cloaking device


Gameplay Overview:

Barges are used for stealing mines and resources from other planets. One barge is able to steal a max. of one mine and 400 units of resources (sum of ore and uranium) during one battle. Barges start their work after ground and orbital combat have finished. This means that if you lose all your barges during the battle, you won't get any resources or mines no matter how well your ground combat would go. Luckily (for attackers) Barges aren't targeted by many ship classes. The barges attractive special weapon is a cloaking device which makes them invisible to enemy scans. (Both active and passive scans!)

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