Inhabits: Core Surroundings
Resource production: 130%
Spaceship engineering: Mediocre
Ship attack: Average
Ship defense: Average
Troops: Average


  • Eligibility for alliance treasurer position
  • Decreases costs for Mining Technologies

Gameplay overview:

No other race in the game is able to get that much out of their mines as Baleenars are. Their 130% resource production rate is overwhelming especially later in the game. Only Mossopps and Slithins come even close with their 120%. This, in addition to their decent combat stats, makes them a popular and effective race. Baleenars also habit central areas of the galaxy enabling them to have relatively short travel times to great number of other planets, which may be perceived either as an advantage or disadvantage.


Baleenar bannerA younger race, the Baleenar have only recently appeared on the galaxtic scene.

Ten thousand years ago, one Baleenar was digging in the dirt to construct his underground home, when he found something that was shiny. Holding it up to the light, he discovered that it seemed to be different than the dirt. He went to show his neighbor, and sold it to him for his underground mansion. Reflecting on how he could use this discovery to his advantage, he got in touch with some friends and the next day, mining was born.

Over the years, the Baleenar have become better at this craft of mining and building. Their homeworld has almost no structures on the surface but underground, cities thrive with their people. The economy of the Baleenar is now dependent on mining, resources that are the highest grade and sold to the other races. Expanding through this economic empire, the Baleenar race is one of the most respected in the universe.

A good honest hard days work is what the Baleenar value most. Preferring physical labor to intellectual pursuits. As a result they excel at resource production, and because of their excellent physical shape produce effective troops. But due to a lack of investment in training, they do not fight as well as the Ogarth or Trankoor.

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