In Alliance Wars, the major activity after establishing a stable planet in an alliance you are loyal to is the attack initiative. There are two different reasons for attack and differ in strategy.

The first reason for attacking is to expand. To grow in Alliance Wars, you must secure more and more Ore and Uranium mines. But as you build more mines, you will find that it will cost more and more each time. Sooner or later it will cost too much money just to build mines and it will be more efficient to get mines by other means. This other way is by attacking another planet for it's mines.

The second reason for attacking is to secure your alliance's rank. As an alliance grows, it needs to take out its competition if it wishes to rise to number one. One of the problems is that to do this you will need to attack the players in that alliance.

Now there are two fundamental differences between these. In an attack to gain mines for expansion, you will usually attack a planet 10-50% lower in score then you so that your success rate is high. In an attack to take out rival alliances, you will be facing players higher in score then you and so will need to team up with others from your alliances or NAP'ed alliances to take them out. The second reason for attack will not be discussed farther in here for it is more political and changes according to the situation. In this topic we will discuss the steps to launch an effetcive attack against an enemy. There are three steps into the "art" of attacking.


The first part to launching a successful raid is to choose an adequate target. Now to do this there are three steps: cords and score check, bashing check, and scanning.

The first part to choosing a target is finding one within an acceptable range. The first part is to on the seletcion menu, click on UNIVERSE. After this pick any range to start looking for targets. For this example let us let us pick 151-200. Once there you will start looking at the score. The score you should be looking for is one that is 10-50% of your own. Of those that fall in your range, you want to write them down.

After finding a list of possible targets, it is time to see which ones are attackable and which are not. To do this, first click on the seletcion menu FLEETS. Once on the page, move 1 Scout to Fleet 2 (doesn't matter which fleet but so it is by itself) for the check. Send the fleet the scout is in to the first cords on your list that are lowest in score. Switch it so it is sent as attacking and for one hour and click SEND. Now on the next page is the important part. When that is tried, on the next screen there will appear, yellow letters telling you that the target is not in bashing limit if it is not or it will show no lettering at all meaning you are able to attack the target. Also it may tell you the target in a NAP'ed alliance if it is with yours. Remember to retreat the scout fleet after checking by picking the fleet number and hitting RETREAT. Marking on your list which you can hit helps so that you know which ones to pick for the next part.

The third and last part of choosing a target is the scanning stage. This is the most critical part of an offensive. First part you want to do is start with the lowest score and run an orbit scan. This will tell you how many mines they have. Do this for all the targets and then run a troop and fleet scan if you wish. this stage is the most dangerous for you have to take into account your ships, what they can attack, how much you can gain in mines, how much you could lose, which cord is the best to launch. Most of this will come with experienced but usually look for someone who has ships that you can attack with yours, that they have a 1000 troops or less per mine, and then decide which to attack. Once you have picked a single target, you can launch the offensive. This is detailed in SETCION B.


Possibly the easy part of any military operation in Alliance Wars, the launching of the offensive only contain three steps that are easy enough to master.

First part to the launching of your interstellar warships is to group them all in to fleets. Now in launching an offensive there is two ways you can do it. One is to launch only one fleet filled with ships or with multiple fleets spaced in timing. To group a fleet, you will need to move ships from where they are to the desired fleet. To do this, first click FLEETS. Once there go down to the second box and you will see a little form that sends ships and troops from one fleet to another. To carry out just put in the quantity (1000, 50, etc.), type of unit (Dominator, Troops, etc.), where they are currently located (Home, Fleet 1, etc.), and where you wish to place them (Fleet 1, Fleet 2, etc.). Once you have entered this or selected, press SEND. Do this until you have the desired fleets you wish, either three different fleets, one super fleet, etc.

The second part and the hardest of launching your mission is to choose a timetable and plan out the attack. What you will need to develop first is a timetable. Timetables are vital especially if you plan to attack in more than one fleet. What a timetable contains is basically an outline of when you are going to launch, for how long, will there be fleets following, if so when and for how long. A good timetable can make it so that you will have fleets attacking for up to 12 hours succeeding.

A good basic timetable starts out with the number of fleets. If you are launching 3 fleets and want continuous barrage of fire, then you want a timetable with each fleet going off the number of ticks after the first that the first is attacking and so forth. This is so when one finishes it's attack run, a new one enters in. This timetable is essential to know to launch a successful raid. Best way is to right down on paper what you plan to do it and figure out the math of when you have to send each.

Also included in this is planning. If you are planning a two on one attack with a buddy, you want to plan out when, how many ships and fleets and a meeting place so you know if the other will be launching for sure or not. A good way to do this is to communicate by IRC (See Manual Section on IRC for further detail). The best way is to go into a private channel and discuss plans. Then on the Solar Hour Count of first launch, re-meet at that room to make sure the other is there and will launch. This will ensure that you both attack together in unison.

The easiest part in this stage of attacking is the actual launch of your fleet(s) at the enemy. After this you can sit back for a bit, maybe do an occasional scan to see if he recycles anything, but wait for the actual attack to happen. (Note: You do not need to be present for the actual attack unless you want to be able to retreat if you think it looks bad, but I advise that unless you have special concerns about your target, the best thing is just to come back a few hours after the attack has finished)


On every attack tick, there will be sent to your planet a battle report telling of how many ships were on both sides, all attacking crafts vs. all defending crafts. It will also indicate how many ships were destroyed on both sides. Finally it will give you the number of your ships sent originally and the number that were destroyed by the enemy defense. Using this you can see how well your offensive went. Remember that if you lose Transports that if there is not one for every 1000 troops, the overflowed troops will be left on the planet and counted as MIA. If this happens, it will be sent as an MIA report on the final battle tick.

Every time you attack, there will be losses on your side, the part where it is advantageous is finding out if that sacrifice of ships and troops was worth what you got in exchange.

On every attack tick, along with the battle report, there will be sent a report on the resources and mines taken from the enemy. Every tick you will get some resources from the attack but to get mines, your troops would have had to kill most or all of the enemy troops and have on your side at least 100 troops and one barge per mine to steal it. If you succeeded in doing this, the report will tell you that you got that mine. The total amounts of mines stolen with resources will be reported to you and given automatically to your treasury back on your planet and can be used for constructions and so forth.

In your offensive you will have lost some ships or troops. Between each successful harvest of mines, you want to build your fleet and troops up more to be up to par for that amount of mines. The more mines you steal in one raid, the longer the time should be til the next and the more constructions that should be done in that time. Remember to replace losses and boost areas, like transports, troops, barges, etc. Once you are done recuperating, you start back at square 1!

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