Inhabits: Inner Rim - Outer Rim
Resource production: 110%
Spaceship engineering: Mediocre
Ship attack: Average
Ship defense: Average
Troops: Average


  • Immunity to Mossopp psychic abilities
  • Eligibility for alliance treasurer position
  • 75% costs to all building, except troops and mines
  • 250% troops cost
  • Ability to get salvage resources from destroyed ships (not enabled yet)

Gameplay overview:

Artifs have mostly average stats. Their immunity against Mossopp psychic abilities gives them a slight advantage over other races in the game but its the other characteristics that make them very interesting. With the 25% reduction in cost for (mainly) fleet, they can be a very powerful friend. Because of their expensive troops they suffer from a serious weakness as well.


Artif bannerA race of androids, no one knows where the Artifs (short for Artificials) originated or who built the first one. Most believe they were created and later abandoned by an advanced race long since passed.

Lacking any "soul" the Artifs only reason for existence is to perform the task they were built and programmed to do.

Artif society is very stagnant and has not changed for hundreds of thousands of years. Due to being artificially created they lack creativity and excel in no area. They are average in every way, not knowing how to strive for more than what is efficient. This efficiency did cause them to find a way to construct things at lower prices. They can construct anything basic at 75% of the normal cost, however they haven't managed to optimize the more complex construction of mines.

Since they are not organic in composition, they can resist the psychic abilities of the Mossopps, and use their ability to easily work in space to get salvage (ore and uranium) from destroyed ships after a battle ((not enabled yet)). Unfortunately this artificiality also has a price. The construction of a new artif is said to be a very difficult and expensive undertaking, even though nobody really knows how and where it is done.

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