Alliance Positions

Each alliance has a set of leadership positions with more or less functionality. All leaders are able to post a leader message in My Alliance-page. The rest of their abilities, or lack of them, are listed below.

LEADER - Creator of the alliance
· Race: Rogorate
· Accept/decline applications for membership
· Appoint members to leadership positions
· Set alliance mission statement
· Kick members out of the alliance
· See also: Government Types

· Race: Ogarth or Trankoor
· Currently no function

· Race: Artif or Baleenar
· Move resources from alliance fund to members of the alliance or to treasuries of other alliances
· Set tax rate

· Race: Mossopp
· Manages NAPs (Non-Aggression Pacts) of the alliance

· Race: Slithin
· Currently no function

· Race: Lilnosa
· Currently no function

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